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Activate your immune system - your lymphatic system! 

Did you know that you have more lymph than blood and more lymphatic vessels than blood vessels?

Learn how simple, easy, and fun bouncing activates lymph flow to support weight loss and heal your body!

Poweriser Jumping Stilts 

Faster results!  Higher Performance and Stimulation!  Highly functional!

The New Extreme Sports and X-Game Craze that is sweeping the nation!

Advanced                Standard                & Youth      

Poweriser Advanced Models - Only $359.00:
Model 5070 (110-154 lbs) SOLD OUT! 
Model 7090 (154-198 lbs) SOLD OUT! 
Model 90120 (198-266 lbs) SOLD OUT! 

Poweriser Standard Models - Only $259.00:
Model C/S5070 (110-154 lbs)
Model C/S7090 (154-198 lbs)
Model C/S90120 (198-266 lbs) SOLD OUT! 

Poweriser Youth Kangaroo Stilts Models - Red & Blue - Only $187.00:
Suitable for individuals weighting 66-110 lbs, youth ages eight and above.

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Poweriser Model Options
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Sensational Stomach Muscle Training
Forget massage-belts, home-trainers and the like - using the Poweriser® gives you superior stomach muscle training.  You will see and feel the results yourself in only a short time.

98% of muscles are exercised
The Poweriser® jumping stilts are perfect for both the sports enthusiast and the high-performance sportsman!  You yourself determine the effort you put in, and thus also the intensity of the training session.  The more stress you put on the springs, the greater the training effect.  Your physical abilities improve every time, as the training sessions become longer.

Neuromuscular Ability
This is a highly functional activity which encourages more neuropathways to be developed from your brain to your muscles.  More neuro pathways equals more muscle fibers being recruited, which equals a stronger muscle even if it's the same exact size.

The Ultimate Adrenalin Rush
From fairgrounds and leisure parks, everyone knows the feeling resulting from a free fall or tremendous acceleration.  This is exactly the same with the Powerisers.  The adrenalin rush obtained after only a short time is sensational, and incomparable to almost any other type of sport.  Experience it yourself...

5 X More Effective Than Jogging
Thanks to the impact-inhibiting effect of the fiberglass springs, the Poweriser® is much more efficient and also kinder to the joints in comparison to jogging.  Since both the back musculature, sense of balance and the whole movement apparatus are exercised much more thoroughly, test results have been obtained (Sport, October 2004 issue), which confirm that using Poweriser® jumping stilts is 5x more effective than jogging or running in terms of muscle training.

Back and Knee Strengthening
In many types of sport, the spinal column, intervertebral discs and joints are subjected to extreme stresses.  Powerisers, on the other hand, cushion impacts, thereby relieving the strain on the spinal column, discs and joints.  The back musculature is trained just as much as the stomach muscles, an essential requirement for stabilization of the whole spinal column!  Back problems decline within a few weeks of training with the Poweriser®.  Even in the field of sports medicine and science, many experts recommend the use of the Poweriser® for developing the muscles and strengthening the back.

Cellulite Killer & Skin-Tightener!
Not everyone has a perfect figure "out of the box", but regular use of Powerisers will take you a major step closer to it:

By exercising almost the complete musculature of the human body (98%), the use of the Poweriser® greatly stimulates the metabolism, promoting rejuvenation of the complete skin structure, and making a major and visible contribution to the reduction of cellulite. The Poweriser® also brings the circulation up to full speed, which facilitates positive benefits with regard to skin tightening.  Depending on the frequency and level of use, fat combustion figures of up to 600 cal can be achieved in only 10 minutes, making a set of Powerisers the perfect complement to fitness training.  Of course the principles of Sub Pressure Esthetics™ apply dramatically.

These Jumping Stilts are NOT toys! 

As you can imagine, the ability to jump seven feet in the air has with it the consequence of falling from that hight.  Use good judgment with regard to your personal ability to execute the extreme nature of these stunts.  These stilts allow you to jump up to 7 feet high and run up to 20 miles per hour!

Accept no substitutes 
Powerisers abide by stringent quality standards.  The construction materials used for the Poweriser are of the highest quality.  The Poweriser spring breaks down gradually, with a controlled performance decrease, and without any sudden dangerous breaks.  A twelve month general warranty (six months on Spring and Rod-D parts) serves as peace of mind for you, our buyer.  We consider all other brands to be of lower quality and you don't want to question the quality of your equipment when you are jumping up to 7 feet in the air.

Check out the Youtube videos for safety tips.  It's always helpful to learn from others mistakes as there are natural risks.  You must wear full safety equipment.

Any activity or sport performed at height is dangerous and can lead to serious or even fatal injuries. Suitable training is essential before using Poweriser. Prior to your first use you MUST read and understand the manual provided with every Poweriser in which it illustrates and advises the ways in which Poweriser function. Learning to use your Poweriser and any safety measures are the sole responsibility of the user themselves and the user personally assumes all risks and responsibilities for any damages, injuries or deaths taking place following the use or misuse of Poweriser in whichever way including damages to property and third party claims. Moss Imports LLC is not liable for any accidents relating to the use of these products. Any videos displayed on this site are for entertainment only. Moss Imports LLC advises not to attempt any stunts or acts displayed on these videos due to possible major injuries or even fatal.

Safety Instructions 
Always wear protection equipment. Wrist guards, knee & elbow pads and helmets together with long sleeves and trousers will help to prevent injury in the event of a fall.

Read User Manual thoroughly before use and observe all warnings and notices.

Learn everything slowly and exercise / warm up fully before use.

ONLY practice in the company of friends or parents. When learning or using Poweriser for the first time DO NOT attempt to perform any tricks or jumps until you are fully proficient with Poweriser.

Do not use on slippery, wet, uneven or rough floors, stairs, soft and sloping places, or carpeted area. Avoid using in public or crowded places where injury to yourself or others may occur.

Ensure you only use the model that suits your age and weight to avoid serious injury.

Not to be used on main roads, pavements, near motor vehicles or pedestrians.

Do not attempt major or technically challenging modifications, repairs or disassembly of the product yourself. To avoid damage contact your local dealer or an authorized agent for major service, repair and modification which you may be uncomfortable or unable to perform yourself.

Do not replace any parts with parts not intended for your Poweriser or parts not manufactured by Poweriser as this will invalidate your guarantee and impair the performance of the product.

Do not allow children to use this product without adult supervision.

Poweriser is not suitable for use by children under 8 years old.

Warranty/Return Policy 
As a guarantee of the superior quality of the Poweriser, we offer a 12 MONTH GENERAL WARRANTY with 6 months on the Spring and Pad in Contact with the ground. If you have an issue with a part of your Poweriser, we will replace the part at no charge if the unit is unused. Please inspect the product before you begin use to avoid any issues. If the entire unit is defunct in some way, we will similarly replace it. Please keep your receipt for warranty purposes. The warranty does not apply in cases when the unit has been used in any manner not prescribed by the users manual. Returns of unopened units must be made within 10 days of purchase. Returns of used products will not be accepted. Customer is responsible for the cost of any returns.

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