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Activate your immune system - your lymphatic system! 

Did you know that you have more lymph than blood and more lymphatic vessels than blood vessels?

Learn how simple, easy, and fun bouncing activates lymph flow to support weight loss and heal your body!


Super Health & Fitness Technology: 

In 1976, Dr. C. Samuel West, was the first person in the world to ever teach that bouncing up and down activates lymphatics.  He said, Don't just exercise, Lymphasize!"

Information on the lymphatic system started appearing in Yoga and other healing books after Dr C Samuel West became world famous for bringing this information to the lay public by lecturing in 200 cities per year.

Dr Ez* says,
"The principals and techniques taught in the Applied Lymphology Course make these Lymphasizers priceless.  Obesity is almost tied with Cancer as the #2 killer and it's a form of Lymphedema.

Documented medically, simply bouncing is one of the five basic things that activates lymph flow, removing inflamation, swelling, & water retention, and renewing the healthy oxygen available environment for every cell in the body!  Even subtle bouncing oxygenates cells as it activates the lymph flow, because the lymph vessels are lined with one way check valves that close at the bottom and open at the top of the bounce.

There are also the hidden treasures or unseen laws of Energy Medicine at work, such as the "armature effect", which generates electrical energy as the body moves up and down through the magnetic fields that go around the earth from North to South.

Activating the muscles quickly (contracting and relaxing them) activates the electric generator (Sodium Potassium Pump) in the cells of the muscles to further magnify meditation and other mental benefits.  This is also why bouncing is such a powerful aspect of healing.

Dr Nick Delgado holds the worlds record for how much weight a man can lift over his head within 1 hour!  In preparation, he trained primarily about 1/2 hour a day while lymphasizing on a mini trampoline!  He lifted 50,640 lbs in 1 hr!  He's a student of Al Carter who was a student of Dr C Samuel West, the Father of Applied Lymphology and the Sodium Potassium Pump!

Experience the Race For The Truth events on your mini trampoline and the principles, techniques and higher intelligence you will be empowered with will make your mini tramp priceless!  Experience many empowering techniques which have been used to help countless people - now it's your turn to jump for joy!

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